Meditating on the ‘terp’

Boeddhawierde (‘mound of Buddha’) is a retreat centre in Usquert, a tiny village in the North of the Netherlands. We offer retreats for beginners and experiences people. Our own starting point is Buddhism, but we are open to people of all beliefs.

Boeddhawierde can also be rented out to groups of up to 10 persons.

It is placed in a quiet street, opposite the church, with friendly neighbours and playing children, a car crawling by about three times a day, and possibly the sound of a lawnmower. So it is not completely silent, but still a very suitable place to meditate and calm down. At the rear is a beautiful garden, in which you can sit and where you are completely alone.

Around Usquert there is the dutch polder – flatter than flat. You can go for walks and explore the old local villages. It takes about an hour to walk to Noordpolderzijl, where the Waddensea begins.