10 day retreat: Anapanasati

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Anapanasati retreat

Friday 29 November – Sunday 8 December 2024

Lead by Dhivan (english spoken)

Costs: € 630 (reduced/student rate: €495)

The Buddha’s teachings on ānāpāṇasati (mindfulness of in-and-out breathing) offer a comprehensive meditative path of sixteen step-by-step instructions. Each step concerns specific meditative experiences. Working with each step, you learn to be aware of the breath, the body, feelings and the mind. Although states of aborption (jhāna) are possible and indeed welcome in the course of the practice, the main aim is the liberating experience of deep letting go. All this comes through simply breathing in and breathing out. 

Through progressively bringing awareness to the breath, feelings, the mind, and the nature of experience, we can see into the constantly changing nature of reality, purifying and freeing the mind. It will take us to the very heart of Buddhist meditation, bringing together calm (samatha) and insight (vipassanā).

The retreat will include the study of the Buddha’s teaching on ānāpāṇasati, meditation instruction and personal meditation reviews, sitting and walking meditation, ritual and devotion (pūja), and a long period of silence.

Suitable for people with at least three years meditation experience.