The Buddhawierde is on its way to becoming a Triratna group. Triratna is a global organization with safety and ethics guidelines. We are also in the process of becoming a member of the Buddhist Union of the Netherlands.

We want everyone who comes to our centre to feel safe in all respects and at all times.  If this doesn’t happen – and if you don’t want to share this with the leader(s) of the event at the time – you can raise this with us confidentially.  Please feel free to contact one of our Safeguarding Officers to share your experience:

Dhammapitika (male), lives in Driebergen. He is a teacher on the Hogeschool Utrecht and is trained and certified as a safeguarding officer. He is also chairman of the Metta Vihara retreat centre and involved in Triratna Arnhem

Abhayanetri  (female), lives in Diemen.  She is is trained and certified as a safeguarding officer, and active in the Amsterdam Buddhist centre and in Metta Vihara.  Until 2019 she worked as a coach for individuals, teams and organisations.

Their email address is: Please state in the subject-line of your email to which Safeguarding Officer you are addressing your concern. You can also address your email to both.

Dhammapitika en Abhayanetri, safeguarding officers

1 juni 2022

Read here what you can expect from the safeguarding officers at Triratna.